Exweb interview with Sarah Weldon: row around Great Britain attempt

From a Diver Medic Technician, to learning how to plug holes in a sinking ship, to rowing and wearing Google Glass
(By Correne Coetzer) At the end of May, Sarah Weldon will start her 4-month row around Great Britain. For her, this is not just about the row, but about the bigger picture of her charity, Oceans Project, that provides education to children in 53 countries, thanks to a virtual learning platform.

“Starting and running a business or a charity is great mental preparation as you have to become resilient, and able to adapt and grow quickly, to take risks, and accept that you will make mistakes and to learn from them,” Sarah explains to Explorersweb.

She suspects she has the sea in her veins, “especially with ancestors from areas of Britain with strong Viking roots.” Sarah’s background and experience with the sea come a long way; for example, as a Diver Medic Technician she is trained to carry out medical procedures on oil rigs and has spent time at a Damage Repair Instructional Unit learning how to plug holes in a sinking ship.

Sarah tells more about her Great British Viking Quest row, about the challenges and the refugee children, her boat and safety equipment, and her wearable technology and virtual learning platform.

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