Exweb/Pythom Best of 2016: Girard’s Flight of the Century… and more

Fac et Spera

Looking for outstanding projects, a marketing agency asked us the other week to recommend the most memorable feats in 2016.

One stood out right away. Take a wing, fly as high as you can get, for the simple reason it seems awesome up there.

“Few have that aptitude and attitude today,” we motivated.

Check out Antoine Girard’s flight of the century debrief interview here.

But there were others too. Checking around team Pythom/Exweb, here’s what came back:

Winter Nanga Parbat was a given, besides, Ales Cesen and Luka Lindic were outstanding on Broad Peak/GIV this summer.

Biking the Amazon was another favorite, and latest Johanna Davidsson of course, killing it at Antarctica. Remember also the Norwegian veteran’s super-fast record on Greenland and Sarah, Boomer and Ben, hucking waterfalls in meltwater river.

The Kenn Borek Winter South Pole Medical evac was spectacular and the Arctic Barneo episode was a remarkable story.

Borge and Vincent did another cool glacier while low profile Japanese Yasu Ogita also did a pretty cool expedition all on his own.

Honoring fallen explorers, a special thought goes to Henry Worsley, losing his life at Antarctica.

Thank you all, let’s make 2017 incredible.