First Khurdopin Expedition 2016/2017 (The highest pass of the Karakoram (5790m)

Throughtout the history no one have ever climbed and crossed Khurdopin Pass in winter.
Qudrat Ali and Samiya Rafiq are going to climb an unclimbed peak around 6200m in the vicinity of Khurdopin and they will attempt to cross Khurdopin pass (5790m) the highest pass of the Karakoram via Hisper Laa, the temperature forecast will be around (-25 to -30). There will be 4 porters accompanying us from Shimshal valley, Hunza.

The expedition will be started from 24th December, 2016 to 12th January, 2016.

Khurdopin is strenuous due to the difficult route, there has been complications in approach, the technical difficulties of the mountain, harsh condition, absence of climbable window, and the logistical challenges have discouraged several climbers. High danger of falling seracs, plenty of crevasses, over-hanging ice seracs, very unpredictable weather, snow position, and susceptible blizzard like conditions.

The are all geared-up and will be using Static ropes, snow bars, ice screws, high altitude tent North Face (mountain 25), EPI gas, and other essential equipments.

This climbing project is demonstrating the message of peace. The significance of gender dimension shows that men and women both should engage in the procedure of peace building. This expedition is giving a message to everyone that how important is teamwork, trust in each other and commitment.

They are going to spent next week in the heart of the Karakorum in the shadows of the giant mountains, stay tuned for more information they will be providing via Sattelite Phone!