First Summits on Dhaulagiri — At Least 22 on Top

Mingma G and his team led a large group of climbers to the top of Dhaulagiri today, according to Imagine Nepal’s Dawa Sherpa.

Summiters included some familiar names, such as Jill Wheatley, the visually impaired Canadian climber who reached the true summit of Manaslu last fall. IFMGA guide Vinayak Maya of Nepal and veteran American climber Chris Warner also topped out.

Imagine Nepal’s very strong Sherpa team included Mingma G’s companion on the first Winter K2 summit last year, Kilu (Kili) Pemba.

Imagine Nepal’s team heads for the summit of Dhaulagiri yesterday. Photo shared by Dawa Sherpa


Dawa Sherpa has submitted a preliminary list of summiters:

1. Mingma Gyalje Sherpa (aka Mingma G)
2. Sashko Kedev
3. Keval Hiren Kakka
4. Tracee Lee Metcalfe
5. Christopher Bernard Warner
6. Gina Marie Rzucidlo
7. Haakon Aasvang
8. Hong Dong Juan
9. Anurag Reddy Nallavelli
10. Naoki Ishikawa
11. Jill Wheatley
12. Dawa Kamey Sherpa
13. Dawa Gyalje Sherpa
14. Chhiring Sherpa
15. Vinayak Jay Malla
16. Tamting Sherpa
17. Sonam Tashi Sherpa
18. Jit Bahadur Sherpa
19. Kili Pemba Sherpa
20. Thundu Sherpa
21. Pemba Tenzing Sherpa
22. Aangdu Sherpa

Sykaris – maybe on the next rotation

Antonios Sykaris of Greece is also on the mountain, climbing independently with Dawa Sherpa. He and Dawa are setting their own camps along the way. Sykaris recently reported that they established Camp 2 on Thursday. Here, they met Mingma G and his team on their summit push.

Mingma G offered to let Sykaris join them, but Sykaris declined. He felt that he needed more acclimatization and didn’t have all his summit gear with him.

“Although I have disagreed with Mingma G in the past, I admire this tough man immensely,” said Sykaris. “I consider him the best climber in Nepal…[and he’s] only 36 years old.” The disagreement, which Sykaris doesn’t explain, occurred during a failed 2019 Makalu attempt.

Antonios Sykaris (right) with Imagine Nepal’s leader Mingma G. Photo: Antonios Sykaris