Glowacz and Hans Establish 20-Pitch Route in Dolomites

On July 12, German expeditionists Stefan Glowacz and Phillip Hans forged a new 20-pitch alpine route in the Italian Dolomites. Dubbed ‘Wallride Vol. I’, the route houses pitches graded up to 7a (5.11c/d) and mingles with historic neighboring lines on the Croda Bianca peak. Wallride Vol. I shares three initial pitches with Via Tessari, a route established in the 1930s. Later, it diagonally bisects Via del Gran Diedro. Here are the details.

wallride tour, stafan g.

Stefan Glowacz.

The Wallride Tour

The first ascent marks a significant tickmark in an ambitious summer “Wallride” tour through Central Europe. In late June, the two accomplished climbers set out from their hometown in Germany with the goal of establishing three new routes in three countries (France, Italy, and Switzerland) by the end of August.

The kicker? They will travel between hubs and access each climbing destination by bicycle and foot only. It’s a purist, ‘fair means’ approach. Strapped to each man’s bike are basic provisions, climbing gear, and some technical apparel.

philip hansa pitstop on Wallride Tour

Philipp Hans.


In an interview with Alpin Magazine, Glowacz admitted that this new adventure through the Alps, which is not nearly as remote nor technically demanding as many of his prior expeditions, poses unfamiliar and challenging territory.

“The Alps are the most well-developed mountains on earth. There are roads, paths, huts, and climbing routes everywhere. It is worth mentioning when there is no lift in a mountain region. Nevertheless, our enterprise is new territory for me personally.”

Glowacz on Wallride

Philipp Hans.


Over the course of their trek, the two will cover over 2,500km on the ground and gain over 50,000m of elevation. Follow their journey on Instagram @glowaczstefan and @philipp_hans.