Great job, Mark Evans!

I have to admit there´s not a lot of happenings within traditional exploration which I find interesting today. My opinion of course.

With traditional exploration I mean an all white Eruopean/American moving from A to B by foot, up or down, or straight, on skis or sometimes together with an animal . (Like me, I know) The reason for my lack of interest is because it is so much focus on the individual or indviduals in the group, based on their cultural background and much less on people and cultures they meet along the road. I find it utterly boring reading adventure trips of that style anymore. They add nothing to what I already know. And we already know life is not easy. However, there is hope, even though he is a middle aged white person of European background as well. My new favorite, and who I see as a hope for the future -well he has been a favorite for me even before this journey which has put him deservedly in the global limelight- well his name is Mark Evans, living in Oman. He put, on his latest journey, emphasis on the people he and his Omani partners came across, listen here at

I met Mark back in 2009 and he was already back then an extremely friendly, helpful and generous fella. At that time he was setting up Outward Bound Oman to help young people in Oman understand their unique surroundings and I had the privilege to hold a short talk for his wonderful students. He is really doing what all people within exploration should do, educate and build bridges between cultures and stimulate young people.

On top of that he is very appreciative and supportive of other people trying to do things to make a difference.

Great job, Mark and you inspire us all to become better!