UPDATED Himalaya heads-up: Kuriki coming down, Manaslu and Makalu pushing, Himex and (some) Junkies leaving

Mixed news – UPDATE
(Newsdesk/Story updated Sep 28, 10am) It’s over also for Adventure Consultants on Manaslu. Team member Louis Kosztelny reports congestion on the mountain’s technical sections, along with unexpected snowfall and deteriorating ground conditions finally called for the decision.

The climber says only scattered teams now remain on Manaslu summit push in anticipation of a short weather window forecasted.


Gripped, Nestler and Alan Arnette all report (check the news feeds section) that Kuriki aborted his current summit push in excess snow around camp 3, not clear yet if it’s for good or just a rotation at this point.

Arnette reports some teams on Manaslu have aborted their climbs altogether. “After trying to fix the route to Camp 4, Sherpas from Himex and Altitude Junkies turned back due to deep snow, threatening avalanches and poor snow conditions […] With all this, Himex and Altitude Junkies have stopped their expeditions and are going home.” Some Junkies have stayed behind in BC before making final decision.

SummitClimb and Adventure Consultants are pushing slowly with strong winds currently, “pounding the upper slopes making progress impossible for now”.

The skiers on Makalu will push for the summit this week, reportedly with a forecast from Meteotest of calm winds and sunny skies coming up. The team scheduled final summit bid on the 30th. Also AC on Manaslu got word of a small window ahead.