Horia and Dujmovits for Everest no 02 attempt

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Peter Hamor’s regular climbing partner (Manaslu new route attempt), Romanian-born Horia Colibasanu will team up with German Ralf Dujmovits for an Everest attempt without oxygen this spring. The expedition will go on the north side.

Colibasanu summited seven 8,000ers, including K2, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. Five out of his seven successful summits were firsts for his home country. German Dujmovits climbed all 14. Both mountaineers are known to refuse oxygen and focus on style, often via new or different routes, Horia is also an avid skier.

Colibășanu successfully climbed Manaslu in 2006, with Spaniard Iňaki Ochoa de Olza (1967-2008) as rope partner.

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