I Spent Two Hours in a Cemetery. This is Why Research is Important.

Research is an important aspect of cultural exploration…and even exploration in general. I mean, REALLY important.
Let me provide you with a good outline for research:


Research more.

Think you know the full story? Research your research.

Double check your research.

Do more research.

It is because I ignored steps 3-5 that I spent the better part of my morning in a cemetery…Two cemeteries, actually. I thought I had gotten the most up to date information on a specific site and it turns out, I did not.

I spent about an hour and a half in the second cemetery looking for something that no longer existed. I was frustrated and disappointed. I went home. I couldn’t leave it alone though. I’m too stubborn determined.

I dug some more. Site descriptions didn’t help, but I finally found some videos from just this year. Luckily, I was able to determine the general location from the backgrounds and found that a large, modern marker had been installed.

I went back to cemetery number two and drove until my view matched the background in the footage…Yahtzee! There was the marker with a number of other recent monuments around it. It looked nothing like the description that was written only a year ago. I had probably gone by it 20 times before. So, it turns out that researching and double checking your research before doing that final bit of research really pays off.

Oh. What was I doing in cemetery number one, and what did I find in cemetery number two? I’ll get back with you on that in a few days…after I do some more research.