Icarus Trophy: Unsupported Birdmen Set to Start Race across US

The “longest and toughest air race on the planet” launches Monday
(Tina Sjogren) FlyMicro, Everest paragliders and basejumps: Over the years we’ve covered a number of cool air stunts in the extremes and now another is kicking off.

The Icarus Trophy a 2 week long air race on paramotors across US without support, is launching Monday.

Keeping us posted on the race, Aussie “Fisch” Kristan Fischer, says the race is the longest paramotor race in the world. In March and April of 2015, Fisch headed over to America to train with World Champion Paramotor pilot Ryan Shaw of Paradrenalin to become competition ready.

Fisch will be equipped with nothing more than a paraglider, motor and the bare essentials to bivouac each night for 2 weeks during the race.

“Unsupported means you’ll be flying with everything you need to survive strapped to your very person,” explain the organizers. “If you get lost, it’s down to you to get yourself unlost.”

Race organizers insist this is the longest and toughest air race on the planet, but it’s more about the adventure than the race say organizers on the Icarus website: “We always find the people who come in last have the best stories to tell.”

Contenders start in Washington State with a paramotor strapped on their backs, and finish 1400 miles later in southern California.