Infinite Line Project – from Patagonia to Pakistan

Damyan Cholpanov and Kristiyan Dimitrov are experienced Bulgarian climbers with an astonishing goal ahead. They plan five challenging expeditions within their Infinite Line project. All five climbs should happen in the next couple of years and we are eager to follow them during their adventures.

Fitz Roy, Photo by Sander Crombach

STAGE 1 – Line of Life, January-February 2019, Patagonia

Their goal is to complete the entire Fitz Roy traverse from South to North, climbing 11 stunning peaks – de I’S (2330 m), Saint-Exupery (2550 m), Rafael Juarez (2450 m), Poincenot (3002 m), Kakito (2800 m), Desmochada (2550 m), de la Silla (2900 m), Fitz Roy (3405 m), Val Biois (2650 m), Mt. Mermoz (2730 m), and Mt. Guillaumet (2580 m).

STAGE 2 – Granite Heaven, July 2019, Alps, Mont Blanc Massive

Their goal will be one of the hardest big wall routes on Grand Capucin (3838m) in the Mont Blanc Massive. The route is called Vole Petit Grand Capucin 8b. The wall is less than 490m, but the route is extremely difficult.

STAGE 3 – Magic of Life! September – October 2019, Garval Himalaya, Kedar Nath Peak 6940m

Damyan and Kristiyan plan to achieve the first Bulgarian accent through the South East face of Kedarnath, one of the most beautiful and hard to reach peaks in this Himalayan region. The East face was first climbed in 1989 by a Hungarian team.

Matterhorn, Photo by Sven Scheuermeier

STAGE 4 – White Silence, January – March 2020, Alps

Grand Joras, Matterhorn, Mont Blanc (via Frenette) and Triglav North wall. These climbs are the warm-up for the final fifth stage, which will be their top achievement:

STAGE 5 – Summit Life, July-August 2020, Karakoram, Pakistan, Latok 1 (7145m)

A challenge, indeed. Latok 1 is one of the hardest, yet magnificent peaks to be climbed. We have seen dramatic events, glorious climbs, heroic actions and despair lately. Damyan and Kristiyan aim for a new route on the West Face of Latok 1. The West Face is a sheer 1000m vertical rock, starting at altitude of 6100m. It was first climbed in 1997 by Alexander Huber, Thomas Huber, Toni Gutsch, and Conrad Anker. They described it as putting “El Capitan on top of Denali”.