Injured Polar Bear: Evelyne Binsack’s statement

Ms. Binsack, about contradictory evidence. Plus, the temporary Ice Camp has closed down

Last week Barneo Ice Camp organizers reported an incident where a polar bear was injured near the North Pole with a gunshot by one of the clients of Last Degree ski guide, Dixie Dansercoer. Facts about the incident have unfolded.

One of Dansercoer’s clients, Evelyne Binsack, who had previously climbed Everest and skied a full route to the South Pole, has handed over her video recording and photos, taken during the incident, to the police.

Dansercoer responded with a statement. We asked Evelyne for her response. She sent over the following statement:

“The information presented by Mr. Dansercoer on this website clearly contradicts the available evidence, which has been also reviewed by the police and other polar experts. No other comments will be made until further investigation by an independent expert group has been conducted.”

She added, “By the way and to make it clear: I’m a UIAGM Mountain Guide with 28 years of experience and a former Commercial Helicopter Pilot. Mistakes in the field can happen. But lying to protect one self afterwards, this is the total NO GO. It’s like leaving a hurt person on the street, it’s like a hit-and-run driving. It’s the same.”

According to Ms. Binsack in a FB comment to Barneo, “The shot was demanded by Dixie Dansercoer to his male Client, a Czech hunter, who used a Browninger pistol. Dixie Dansercoer demanded to shoot into Polar Bear feet with only one warning shot Prior to this Action. The bear at this time was around 30m away and was not aggressive at all. He was hidden behind an ice block. Only his shoulder, Thorax, back and head were visible at the time of the shot. After the Expedition I forwarded all my photos / Videos to all teammembers, including Dixie Dansercoer. I told him, by carefully analyzing the Video, that the bear did get the shot into his head or shoulder. Since Dixie didn’t react and was not reporting the incident, I decided to Report the incident to the Police and Forward them the Video footage for further analysis of Polar Bear injury. The high Resolution Video specialist together with the Police and a medical doctor did see, that the bear got the shot into his head.”

For detail information about how Evelyne experienced the incident, on and off the ice, check her blog here. (It is in German, but an Internet translator makes it understandable in English.)

Last week, Victor Boyarsky, a member of the International Polar Guides Association, has informed the Barneo Organizers and Owners that the Bear Shooting Case Study is scheduled soon after completion of the Barneo season. “They will make a decision after consultations with all the people involved. Until that moment we won’t make any comments on the matter.” “They will make a decision after consultations with all the people involved. Until that moment we won’t make any comments on the matter.” Over the weekend, Barneo Ice Camp has closed down for the season. Equipment were brought back to Longyearbyen, Svalbard, and Murmansk, Russia. The AeroGeo Mi-8 helicopters started flying back home: Barneo – Sredny Island – Khatanga – Igarka – Podkamennaya Tunguska – Krasnoyarsk. The crew from Krasnoyarsk is always the first to leave home and the last to get back, said the organizers.

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