Jobo Garu 2017 Expedition. A rope on the Roof of the World

Team Explora installs the first Via Ferrata on the Himalayas

The first Via Ferrata on the Roof of the World has been installed! Today, Team Explora concluded the installation of the “Via Ferrata Drolambau Ice Fall”, at an altitude between 5200 and 5700 mt. in the Rolwaling Valley, Himalayas. The ferrata will serve to connect the glacier slope to the Himalayan High Hope that will be built on Tashi Lapcha.

The hut is part of the project “Project Austria Hut” and is about to build at an altitude of 5800 m, on the idea of ​​the non-profit StepZero.One association and funded by the Austrian entrepreneur and mountaineer Josef Einwaller, with the aim to support the predominantly tourist economy of these territories.

«The construction of the Via Ferrata was possible thanks to the local Sherpa Community and in agreement with the Government of Nepal – said Davide Peluzzi, during a satellite communication in the morning today – and will become a crucial step for both Sherpa carriers and mountaineers who will use the refuge that is under construction. We thank all those who have turned this project into reality».

The material for the construction of the Via Ferrata, entirely made of steel, was donated by Persia Costruzioni, the Italian company of Teramo.

Jobo Garu 2017 satellite communications are possible thanks to the instrumentation provided by Intermatica, while Mico Sport has provided thermal equipment for high altitude survival.

Team Explora is composed of Davide Peluzzi (head of shipping), Giorgio Marinelli (Deputy Chief of Shipping), Phurba Tenjing Sherpa, Marco Di Marcello (Biologist), Paolo Cocco (Photographer), Giuseppe de Angelis (Logistics), Marco Sazzini (Molecular Laboratory UniBo). And, from Italy, Roberto Madrigali (Weather) and Carmela Modica (Press).

Jobo Garu 2017 Expedition is sponsored by Intermatica, Mico Sport, and Persia Construction.

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Explora Nunaat International is a non-profit exploration and research association in extreme environments born in 2007. In 2008, on the occasion of the Polar International Year, the Association was rewarded for shipping to Arctic (Greenland) with a medal and with a letter of commendation signed by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano. In 2011, the Association carried out humanitarian expeditions in Himalayas, called Earth Mater. On that occasion, cooperation with the Government of Nepal was initiated. On November 9, 2011, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Association and the Government of Nepal, represented by Undersecretary of Culture Jaya Ram Shestha, in the water, health and tourism sectors in the project called “Nepal – Gaurishankar 2013” .

A team of Explora Nunaat International went to Nepal in October 2015 with the Italian Expedition “Extreme Malangur 2015” that reached the sacred mountains of the Himalayas in search of the Yeti.

During the expedition, “Extreme Malangur Expedition 2015” was aided in the villages of Singati-Jagat-Simigaon and Beding-Na.

The Explora Nunaat International Association has been working for years in the field of science and humanitarian cooperation in areas of the Earth Planet considered “wild”.