Jost Kobusch Back in Talkeetna

Back in Talkeetna after the bush plane finally picked him up from the glacier, Jost Kobusch has some frostnip on his face. He also says he has lost 10% of his body weight during his solo winter climb of Denali. “It’s good to be back,” he says.

Kobusch close shot, shaowing frostnip patches on his face.

Kobusch, a little the worse for wear after Denali. Photo: Jost Kobusch/Instagram


The airlift was not an option for several days because of bad weather. Yesterday was flying weather, but the plane had mechanical problems and Kobusch was not sure he’d get out.

“I was starting to dig a snow cave when I heard a plane [at the] last minute. I told myself, ‘Hey! It’s gonna be today!'”

Back in town, he prepared to enjoy his first shower in three weeks. “It’s going to be a HOT one,” he promised.

Kobusch in hood, goggles and an ice-up air-filtering mask

Jost Kobusch. Photo: Jost Kobusch/Instagram

Angela Benavides

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