K2 and Cho Oyu: Sherpas Advance Despite Strong Winds

Sherpas on K2 have managed to set up a lower Camp 3, about 200m below the usual summer location. Forecasts suggest worsening weather for the next two days, but the team will try to summit during the current rotation. This means that either they will keep climbing despite increased wind or they will hunker down in Camp 2 for a couple of days before resuming.

“February 17 could be summit day, but it’s…not yet fixed,” says outfitter Summit Karakoram.

Gelje Sherpa and his team on Cho Oyu have also advanced despite hard conditions.  In their case, wind made the climbers in Camp 1 hesitate. But after a discussion with the expedition’s meteorologist in Kathmandu, they proceeded to Camp 2.

Cho Oyu South Face: snowy, cold, and technical. Photo: Gelje Sherpa


After fixing more than 2,000m of rope, the climbers deposited O2, ropes, and tents at Camp 2. Then they retreated to Camp 1 in preparation for briefly worsening weather tomorrow. Still, Gelje remains optimistic.

“Hoping for the weather to hold a few days,” he wrote. “Next, we will fix the ropes up to the third and final camp before the summit.”