K2: Climbers Past the Bottleneck

The “Nepali Force” team are progressing swiftly toward the summit of K2. At around 9:30 am local time, the all-Nepali team checked in from the Bottleneck (8,200m). Ninety minutes later, Mingma G posted: “Bottleneck crossed.”

The summit team then has to traverse left under the Great Serac, fixing the rope on hard ice as they go. After the serac, the route is a straightforward but energy-sapping climb up steep snowy ramps to the summit pyramid.

Meanwhile, in Base Camp, Jangbu Sherpa of Seven Summit Trek’s is expected to be evacuated today. He was hit by a falling rock above Camp 1 yesterday and sustained serious injuries to an eye and to his forehead. Jangbu is the fourth person to be evacuated since the expedition started.

Jangbu Sherpa after receiving first aid treatment in Base Camp. Photo: Seven Summit Treks


The current clear weather will help both the summit climbers and the helicopter taking Jangbu to hospital in Skardu.