K2: Going Up, John Snorri and JP Mohr at the Bottleneck

It is a beautiful morning on K2, but a wind plume on the mountain’s summit shows things are not easy on the upper slopes. Still, John Snorri and Juan Pablo Mohr are pushing up. From Base Camp, John Kedrowski reports that they are currently fighting through the Bottleneck at 8,200m.

Kedrowski was unsure whether Ali and Sajid Sadpara were also ascending but Sadpara’s home team have now confirmed that they are pushing up. Climbers are not in regular contact with base camp and tracking devices, frozen at -45ºC, are no longer working.

All climbers with Seven Summit Treks are on their way down, including Kedrowski’s climbing partner Colin O’Brady, who chose to turn around before the winds picked up. Tamara Lunger is also descending.

Antonios Sykaris reports that he might be suffering from frostbitten toes and that he will have to spend the night without his sleeping bag, which he left at Camp 2.

Information about the events unfolding on K2 is sketchy but further details are expected as the descending climbers reach the lower camps.