K2 Update: 7 Climbers Give Up, Return to Base Camp

Seven Summit Treks has released the names of seven climbers who decided to return to Base Camp. They are: Mattia Conte, Magdalena Gorzkowska and her photographer Oswaldo Rodrigo Pereira, Jon Kedrowski (Colin O’Brady’s partner), Peter Moerman,  Pechhumbe Sherpa, and Pemba Sherpa. No word was given about the reason for their descent, although O’Brady did say about his partner, “Unless your mind, body, and spirit are all feeling 100 percent, it’s probably not a great idea to attempt a K2 winter climb.” We will continue to update as we hear.

The positions of the climbers who continue their summit attempts are:
Lower Camp 2 (6,570m): Atanas Skatov, Antonios Sykaris, Josette Valloton, Bernhard Lippert, and Sherpas Lakpa Dendi, Phurbu Kusang, Lkpa Nurbu, Pasang Dukpa, and Pastemba.
Higher Camp 2: Tomaz Rotar, Noel Hanna, Colin O’Brady, and Sherpas Pasang, Temba Bhote, Lhakpa Temba, and Ming Temba.

While the two camps are several vertical metres apart, the higher camp lies above House’s Chimney, placing it above the camp at the base of the Chimney where the lower Camp 2 residents plus John Snorri, the Sadparas, Fazal, and two more climbers, perhaps Elia Saikaly and Pasang Kaji Sherpa, are currently located.

Tamara Lunger and JP Mohr are fine in Camp 3, although it’s “pretty cold”, they say.

Weather wizard Karl Gabl of Innsbruck has sent them a new forecast, confirming that Friday is still good for a summit attempt.