K2 Update: Two Bodies Found — Ali Sadpara One of Them

The confirmation has come straight from Garrett Madison at Camp 3 on K2. “The Sherpa team has actually found two bodies now: Ali Sadpara and, they think, John Snorri,” Madison told ExplorersWeb.

Earlier today, Madison Mountaineering’s Sherpa team, fixing ropes above Camp 4, found the remains of a climber dressed in a yellow-and-black suit. The body was face down and covered in ice, making its identification difficult. Juan Pablo Mohr wore those colors, but Snorri’s wife confirmed that her husband also wore a yellow-and-black North Face suit. He was not wearing the orange suit in which he appeared in some pictures.

Sajid Sadpara, determined to find his father and devote his life to climbing. Photo: Elia Saikaly


Remarkably, the find occurred as Ali’s son, Sajid Sadpara, approaches that spot. Sajid Sadpara, Elia Saikaly, and Pasang Kaji reached Camp 4 around 2:30 pm. It is unknown if the younger Sadpara has had a chance to identify the remains but it is hard to imagine what he is now going through.

Before he left on this current summit push, ExplorersWeb asked Sajid Sadpara about K2 and his thoughts for his future in climbing. Sajid replied:

“It is my dream and desire to advance my father’s legacy: We are known for this. I am also a climber, so my first priority is to continue this mission. I am on K2 now in search of my father, John, and JP. This is the restart of my mountain life after last winter. Inshallah, I will climb high mountains like my father, Ali Sadpara.”

The trio’s current location is at Camp 4.