Kangchenjunga: Summit Push Begins From Camp 4

The summit push on Kangchenjunga is about to begin, according to Tseng Ko-erg of Taiwan. On a satellite phone call, she confirmed that she was at Camp 4 at 7550m and was about to leave for the summit.

Tseng, the lone client on Kangchenjunga, summited Dhaulagiri a month ago. If successful, Kangchenjunga would be her 5th 8000m peak. She is climbing with a Sherpa team led by Gelje Sherpa, himself on his 10th 8,000’er.

On Monday, Gelje reported from Camp 1. “The snow conditions are very hard to work with,” he said. “Deep snow needs extra effort but we are keeping strong and hoping for the best.”

Camp 1 on Kangchenjunga. Photo: Gelje Sherpa

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7 months ago

This doesn’t sound good…