Kobusch Continues on Everest, No News from K2

Jost Kobusch is progressing on Everest despite the winds. On Tuesday, he finally reached his high-altitude camp at 6,450m on the West Shoulder. He rested there all day today, as the wind shook his tiny tent.

Conditions are not expected to improve. On the contrary, winds may increase in upcoming days, so Kobusch has no time to wait. At half-past midnight local time, Kobusch will leave on his final push, reported photographer Daniel Hug. He is waiting for Kobusch at the base of the mountain and keeps in touch with him.

Two days ago, Hug photographed Kobusch climbing some highly difficult pitches on vertical ice/mixed terrain at around 6,000m.

Jost Kobusch climbing on Tuesday. From Daniel Hug’s camera screen. Photo: @terragraphy


There is little news from Cho Oyu, although Ngaa Tenji Sherpa of Pioneer Adventure continues to wax optimistic. “Hopefully, the weather gets better soon and team can climb further,” he wrote earlier today, suggesting that they are not quite ready to pack it in yet.

A member of the Pioneer Adventure team jumars up their route on Cho Oyu’s SSW Ridge. Photo: Ngaa Tenji Sherpa


On K2, the climbers in Camp 3 have revealed nothing about their immediate plans. But on this key day, the team must either move up toward the summit or descend to Base Camp. We will update as we hear.