Kuriki started climbing Everest North Face (Updated)

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(Nestler) According to his team Nobukazu Kuriki has started climbing the snowy Everest North Face. The 34-year-old Japanese wants to climb via the Hornbein Couloir to the 8850-meter-high summit, it said.

Probably the “Supercouloir” route is meant, which combines the Japanese Couloir in the lower part with the Hornbein Couloir in the upper part of the wall.

The route was opened by the Japanese climbers Tsuneo Shigehiro and Takashi Ozaki in spring 1980. “I am fully focused and start now”, Kuriki said by radio. Continue reading…

Update October 7: Nobukazu Kuriki abandoned his summit attempt at 7400 meters and returned to ABC. He may try again conditions permitting.


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