Last-Minute Summit Push on Cho Oyu; No Word From K2

The 8,000m climbers in Nepal are trying till the last moment of the winter season to get as high up as possible, but the wind is not giving them a break.

After some days without internet connection, Gelje Sherpa checked in from Camp 2 yesterday, before heading up on a last-minute summit push. Conditions were reportedly tough, with high wind and snow falling.

“This will be hard but we don’t want to miss out an opportunity to try,” Gelje wrote. However, he has not moved since yesterday, according to his tracker.

Meanwhile, there is no news from the second team on Cho Oyu.

Gelje Sherpa’s tracker at 4:30 pm local time today.


On Everest, Jost Kobusch has not moved for the last two days. His latest climbing plan was to stay put in Camp 3 until February 28, when the wind is expected to diminish. Then he will try to get as far up as possible, or down, if conditions don’t improve.

Jost Kobusch climbs towards Everest’s West Shoulder two days ago.  Photographer Daniel Hub shot the action from 5.5km away. Photo: @terragraphy

Strange silence on K2

Strangely, there is no news from K2. Grace Tseng’s social media team continues to add photos but gives no information about her current whereabouts. The latest news, which came yesterday, stated that the team had aborted its summit push and were going down from Camp 3. (It is unknown if they tried to get any farther before turning around.) By now, Tseng and her Sherpa guides should be back in Base Camp. They are supposed to leave the mountain tomorrow or Tuesday.