Lhotse South Wall: 8200 m reached, new summit attempt ahead

The team is inching their way to the top (4 pictures)
(Kyu Dam Lee/S Korea) This morning Kyu Dam Lee, our correspondent in South Korea, got an email update at last from Lhotse South Wall.

The expedition has been inching their way up the wall in very strong winds; one previous summit attempt was aborted at 7850 m, the next at 8000 m where the climbers managed to establish high camp.

In his latest message Hong said his team opened a route to 8200 meters.

Back in BC again they hope to make yet another charge up on November 28 and try to target for summit on December 3.

“Now I think can I fully understand how climbers overcome hunger, cold, pain and fears,” Hong wrote in his diary, “I gave Mt Lhotse all she could have asked of me to reach this point.”

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