Lifestyle Network and Online Outlet: Meet Pythom, Your New Adventure!

Made for people on the move.
(Tina Sjogren) You’ve noticed: Something is brewing. Pythom is the new Explorersweb and now people are starting to trickle in. Such a cool bunch we risk turning into a dating service.  

But what is it for?

It all goes back some 5 years ago, to an “Outdoor Retailers leaders-meeting” in Salt Lake City. Small business owners complained to the big brands: “Why is it so hard for us to get into retail and why do you copy our best-sellers in China?”

This simple question ignited Pythom. And now that we’re launching, the picture hasn’t changed much.

After checking virtually every online outlet for adventure gear last week, we found some used gear on Craigslist, mostly junk from China on Ebay, the usual big brands on Amazon (about five dominating) and scattered jewelry/t-shirts at the “inventor” stores.

You can set up an entire store at Shopify, list with Quirky, be artsy at Etsy and Fancy, and flash-buy at The Clymb. But it’s all food and clothes, mostly. Unexciting and scattered all over. 

Where do the adventure moms-and-pop shops go? The early inventors of better skis, polar down-skirts, body heating systems, cool sleds and everything else we know is being made out there and that actually once built the big brands? Where can adventurers – of all walks – sell their trips, books, speeches? Who will find them? 

Pythom is a lifestyle network built to help people like you connect.

Where Facebook is for your regular family and friends, and LinkedIn is for your professional life, Pythom is for the folks you don’t know yet but probably should. The kind you’d find in a hostel, on a surf beach, in a base camp.

The design is simple and mobile first, made for people on the move. The same publisher for all content. Post some news. Make a comment. Sell or buy with Paypal in an instant. All your social links in a convenient phone-book.

We’re still early so expect bugs but do give it a go. Grab a good place-name and join the journey.

Peace out.