Long Rider on Equestrian Freedom in Times of Political Unrest

Forget Cuba; could you escape LA?

Years back we dined with a bunch of survivalists asking our opinion as explorers: If all went down the toilet, what would be the best way to leave, say, LA?

We’d probably use dirt bikes we figured, to outrun the traffic jams and make it far up into the mountains.

The other week CuChullaine O’Reilly, founder of London-based The LongRidersGuild and old friend of Explorersweb, got us thinking again: What when we run out of gas?

You get the picture.

Following the US election and general unrest in the world lately, CuChullaine penned an editorial on the subject.

“Should the federal government begin to arrest political dissidents, could you escape the technological dragnet designed to silence any potential opposition?” he asks.

As always with anything written by this well-read long-riding Chief the tale is packed with thought provoking history and revolutionary ideas influenced by walkabouts around the world in a saddle.

The Read: Equestrian Freedom or Political Repression?


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