Manaslu Climbers Advance Above Camp 1

Several Manaslu climbers left Base Camp today as planned toward Camps 1 and 2.

The group included Sophie Lenaerts, Stef Maginelle, Paula Strengell, Oswald Rodrigo Pereira and some Sherpa staff. Their goal is to reach Camp1, check conditions above, and if possible, progress further toward Camp 2.

At 2:30 pm Nepal time, Sophie Lenaerts’ tracker located her slightly above Camp 1. There is no news yet from the rest of the group.

Sophie Lenaerts’ location at 2 pm Nepal time shows her on the steeper terrain above C1.

Close-up of Lenaerts’ position at 2:47 pm Nepal time.


Simone Moro and Alex Txikon have declined to join this rotation because they believe that the mountain is still too dangerous. Txikon provided photos marked with several spots where avalanches could occur, compiled by Elur, a group of nivology experts from Spain.

“While we cannot provide very detailed reports without checking the situation on the ground, the images provided by Alex Txikon show several points of significant avalanche risk,” Elur’s Jon Barredo told ExplorersWeb. “The icefall, in particular, has two threatening vertical sections with loads of snow and without any signs of avalanches — meaning that there has been no “purge” yet on those sections.

“There is also a great deal of windswept snow near Base Camp,” Barredo added.

Conditions on the mountain on January 14, with some potentially dangerous spots marked in red around the route in yellow. Photo: Alex Txikon

Windswept snow on Manaslu yesterday. Photo: Alex Txikon


Simone Moro will also not venture up for the time being, but he did move back to Base Camp today.

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5 months ago

From Sofie tracker looks like that they climbed to C1 only, not above of it. The C1 is at 5750m. “Low C one” on Sofie tracker is some camp below C1 but not the proper C1 where all other tents are now.

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5 months ago

Sofie’s tracker appears to indicate that they only climbed to C1 and not beyond. At a height of 5750 meters, the C1 can be found. There is a camp on Sofie tracker called “Low C one,” however it is not the C1 proper where all of the other tents are now located.