Manaslu: Progress Toward Camp 2

Alex Txikon and two Sherpas made good progress toward Camp 2 on Manaslu today. The team reached 6,350m, fixing rope along the way, before returning to Base Camp in the afternoon.

Alex Txikon hauls a ladder upward. Photo: Alex Txikon

Tomorrow, it will be the turn of Simone Moro along with Nepali climbers Tenji Sherpa and Vinajak Jay Malla, and photographer Abiral Rai, to push on to Camp 2.


“So Simone, there’s a crevasse here, here, here, here, and here. Okay?” Photo: Alex Txikon

No word on how Txikon and company managed to avoid or surmount the large crevasse between Camp 1 and Camp 2.

Elsewhere, climbers are sitting tight at K2 Base Camp, awaiting the better weather predicted for the first week of February. Seven Summit Treks still has 20 Sherpas and over 15 clients at Base Camp.

Ash Routen is a Writer for ExplorersWeb. He has been writing about Arctic travel, Mountaineering, Science, Camping, Hiking, Outdoor Gear for 5 years. As well as ExplorersWeb, he has written for Red Bull, Outside, The Guardian and many other outlets. Based in Leicester, UK, Routen is an avid hiker, camper, and arctic traveller who writes about the outdoors around a full time job as an academic.

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F v
F v
1 year ago

K2 weather window looking not bad, leave BC on tuesday, attempt for summit thursday night and friday 5 feb.