More Summits on Kangchenjunga, Nuptse Next?

There were indeed no mistakes this time. Mingma G has led his team to the summit of Kangchenjunga.

The group summited in good time and excellent weather at 7:05 am, Saad Munawar told ExplorersWeb from Base Camp. The climbers are now back in Camp 4.

Imagine Nepal has released a summit list: Sirbaz Khan (Pakistan), Chris Warner, Gina Marie Rzucidlo, and Tracee Metcalfe (U.S.), Jill Wheatley (Canada), Naoki Ishikawa (Japan), and the Sherpa team led by Mingma G and including Dawa Gyalje, Chhiring Sherpa, Tamting Sherpa, Pemba Tenzing, Pasang Namgel, and Pemba Chhiri.

Notably, the summit group included some clients who also reached the top of Dhaulagiri on Mingma G’s previous climb.

Reports and summit pictures from the 20-plus climbers who reportedly summited Kangchenjunga on Thursday have not yet been released.

No-O2 climbers Peter Hamor, Horia Colibasanu, Marius Gane, and Csaba Varga are aiming to reach the summit today.

Nuptse summits?

There’s also exciting news from Nuptse. Trackers and word from Base Camp suggest that Tim Mosedale and Garrett Madison’s teams have reached the long summit ridge. The climbers will have to navigate the delicate snow ridge until they find the highest of the several points crowning the mountain.

The climbers’ waypoints show that their highest point so far is 7,732m. Nuptse’s main summit is 7,861m.

A track from Everest3D shows Tim Mosedale on the summit ridge at 2 pm Nepal time.

Everest climbers on their marks

We should hear soon from the Everest rope-fixing team led by Kami Rita Sherpa. They planned to reach the summit today or tomorrow.

Some teams will follow them up, such as the Full Circle Everest expedition. This all-Black climbing team of three women and eight men from the U.S left Base Camp yesterday on their summit push. The Full Circle team noted that only 10 Black people have summited Everest. They intend to double that number in the next few days.

Some of the Full Circle Everest expedition at Everest Base Camp last week. Leader Phil Henderson sits on top of the rock in an orange jacket. Photo: Full Circle Everest


Other expedition leaders may wait to begin their summit push. The weather is good right now, but a low-pressure front over the Bay of Bengal will likely turn into a cyclonic storm. The storm could touch land on May 10 and like last year, affect Everest soon after.

Dhaulagiri – no summits on the tracker

On Dhaulagiri, Kristin Harila’s tracker is working again. However, it appears that she is lower than previously stated by her outfitter. If the tracker is correct, she is moving between Camp 2 and Camp 3 today. She is one camp ahead of Carlos Soria and Sito Carcavilla, who could reach Camp 2 today.

Kristin Harila’s tracker on May 7 at 12:45 pm Nepal time. It puts her at 7,010m.


Climbers are preparing for a final push on Makalu. Although the rope fixers were unable to reach the top yesterday, Seven Summit Treks has decided it is time to attack. The Sherpa team will fix the final metres on the go while several of their clients follow. Mexican Yuri Contreras, climbing with Seven Summit Treks, has confirmed that they are leaving for higher ground tomorrow.

The Alpenglow team has told ExplorersWeb that they may wait a few more days before their summit push.

The solitude and huge scale of Makalu. Photo: Griffin Mims for Alpenglow Expeditions

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