Mount Everest Whistle Line: Second Call to Action

Don’t make me come up there

Last month we made a call for Everest climbers to help us determine the high altitude “Whistle Line”. See, whistling comes down to air pressure (declining with altitude).

For example, Astronauts CAN whistle on the Space station, it’s pressured at 1000 millibar (same as Earth sea level), but they can NOT whistle inside the space suit, where the pressure is only 200 mb.

Everest summit (on an average day) is 330 mb and thus the question arose in a chat between Tom and I (Everest climbers) and Don Pettit (NASA astronaut) at Don’s kitchen table one night:

How high up on Everest can you whistle?

We made a challenge of it for the 2016 season but no takers yet so here goes a repeat call for help:

On Everest or any other eight-thousander, try and whistle in intervalls of perhaps 100 meters from around 8000 meters. Make a note of your altitude and if it worked.

Email or leave a comment at the original Pythom Labs whistle challenge story.

If you can record it even better. Thanks intrepid mountaineer, whoever you are!