Muchu Chhish: Altitude Sickness Strikes Czech Team

The Czech team keeps fighting on unclimbed Muchu Chhish. In addition to the difficulty of the route, the climbers are also dealing with Acute Mountain Sickness. It has forced Pavel Bem to descend and is affecting at least one other.

Pavel Korinek went with Bem to make sure he made it safely down. They stayed in Camp 2 for the night. Then Korinek accompanied Bem to the easier ground between Camp 2 and Camp 1. Here, a member of the Base Camp team accompanied the sick climber the rest of the way back. Then Korinek returned to Camp 3, where he pitched his tent at noon today. He’ll rejoin the others tomorrow.

The climber weather a thick layer of sunscreen on his face, blue sun glasses, a red hood and skis attached to his backpack.

Radoslav Groh on Spantik two weeks ago. Photo: Czech Muchu Chhish 2023


Meanwhile, the remaining pair, Tomas Petrecek and Radoslav Groh, continued slowly plowing through deep above Camp 4, toward the peak’s summit ridge. They plan to reach it today.

Unfortunately, Groh is also showing symptoms of AMS. However, he still hopes to reach the top and get down before the affliction becomes too serious.

Angela Benavides

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