Nanga Parbat: Bhatti and Ashurli Reach Camp 3

Here is a brief update about the situation on Nanga Parbat. Sick climber Asif Bhatti reached Camp 3 late in the evening, assisted by Israfil Ashurli of Azerbaijan, after slowly descending through the day. So far, we don’t know whether other climbers are with Bhatti.

The climbers pose at the ariport, Urubko holding the boarding passes.

Israfil Ashurli (right) three weeks ago with Denis Urubko as they both traveled to Pakistan. Urubko is currently on Gasherbrum I. Photo: Israfil Ashurli/Facebook


Karakorum Expeditions has also sent up a ground rescue team from Base Camp. They have reached Camp 1 and expect to reach Bhatti and Ashurli tomorrow, The Karakorum Club noted.

As we previously wrote, bad weather prevented the helicopters from airlifting rescuers to higher camps. Forecasts are calling for high winds tomorrow.

Forecast chart.

Multimodel forecast by for Nanga Parbat’s summit. It shows high winds and bad weather all week.

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