Nanga Parbat: To be Climbed by First Week of February

Some facts
(By Raheel Adnan) “The mountain needs to be summited before the first week of February or else the storms just get nasty,” Ian Overton, American climber who attempted Nanga Parbat in winter 2012/13, told Explorersweb in a recent interview.

This statement is strongly supported by weather pattern and statistics of winter attempts on Nanga Parbat.

u2028u2028A) Historically, almost all winter Nanga Parbat expeditions reached BC during the month of December.u2028u2028

B) Highest point of 85% winter expeditions was reached before February 10th. David Gottler and Tomek Mackiewicz’s 2013/14 attempt, when they reached 7200m on March 1st, is the only exception.u2028u2028

C) Similarly, all winter teams, except last year’s two Schell route expeditions, abandoned Base Camp before the start of March.

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