New Route on South of La Meije

Benjamin Vedrines, Nicolas Jean, and Julien Cruvellier de Luze have opened a new route on the south face of one of the jagged dents of mythical La Meije in the Ecrins Massif of the Dauphine Alps.

Nicolas Jean on the crux of the climb, a 7c+ pitch of "Pulsations".

Nicolas Jean on the crux of the climb, a 7c+ pitch of Pulsations. Photo: Benjamin Vedrines


“Pulsations” (650m, ED+, 7c+ max, 7a) leads to the fourth tooth (3,953m) of La Meije. Vedrines and Jean originally started the line two years ago, on September 21, 2021, according to Alpine Mag.

Vedrines had already completed a dozen rock routes on this south face, but this time he wanted to be creative and blaze his own line. Together with Jean and Cruvellier de Luze, he dreamt up Pulsations.

According to the climbers, the crux of Pulsations is the last (27th) pitch, which is 7c+.

Just a month ago, Vedrines completed the Integral of Peuterey. He finished the iconic Alps ridge climb solo, in just 6 hours and 51 minutes.

"Pulsations" (650m, ED+, 7a, 7c+ max).

Pulsations (650m, ED+, 7a, 7c+ max). Photo: Benjamin Vedrines

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