North Pole 2015 Expedition List

One solo skier alone on the ice, in 2015 season.
(By Correne Coetzer) The skiers who planned to ski the full distance from land to the North Pole this 2015 season were stopped in their tracks when Canadian logistics operator, Kenn Borek Air announced that they will not be air-supporting any skiers on the ice in the foreseeable future. Back to the drawing board, several teams told Explorersweb they are now full steam busy with new plans for 2016.Russian logistics operator, Victor Boyarsky, told Exweb he expects some to start from Cape Arcticheskiy.


This season, only one skier will be on the ice, solo, attempting the distance between the Geographic North Pole (90ºN) and Canada.u2028u2028Two divers will attempt a free dive at the Geographic North Pole (GNP) and several guided teams will attempt last degree of latitude (partial) expeditions.