Updated: More Summits on Everest; No Go on Lhotse

More climbers summited Everest today, including several teams outfitted by Seven Summit Treks. Summiters included Jon Kedrowski, Mike Posner, and Colin O’Brady.

O’Brady was going to make his ascent without O2, but changed his mind when his wife, Jenna Besaw, decided that she also wanted a crack at the summit of Everest. She was originally planning to go only to Camp 2. Like everyone else, he also abandoned his plans to climb Lhotse. At the time of writing, he has returned to Camp 2.

India’s NIM-JIM&WS team, with six clients and six Sherpas, also reached the top. Their outfitter, Asian Trekking, praised the climbers’ effort and determination after they had to push all the way from Camp 2 to Camp 4 yesterday. Camp 3 had been flattened by an avalanche right before their push. Despite very little rest, they summited.

The route on Lhotse follows a steep couloir leading to the summit. Photo: Jonathan Lamy


There’s no concrete news from Lhotse but the little information available suggests there have been no summits. Climber Carlos Garranzo wrote on social media that there could have been an avalanche, though there are no reports of injuries, and that climbers are heading down to Camp 2. Jenn Drummond, a member of Nirmal Purja’s team attempting Lhotse, has returned from Camp 4 to Camp 2, according to her tracker. Another Lhotse hopeful, Adriana Brownlee, summited Everesst but is now back at BC. Further news is expected from Purja’s Elite Exped team and Seven Summit Treks, including Ukrainians Oleg Ivanchenko and Petro Shamborovskyy.