Over 200 summitting Mount Everest today; a Sherpa guide dies

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(HimalayanTimes/KATHMANDU): Over 200 climbers are likely to reach the top of the world, the Mount Everest summit, on Thursday, according to an official.

Department of Tourism official Gyanendra Shrestha told THT Online from the Everest Base Camp that around 150 climbers have already scaled the summit since this morning.

Those who had planned expeditions for Wednesday and Thursday are set to conquer the highest peak of the world today, he added.

The climbers were stopped yesterday due to high winds.

However, the weather cleared from early morning today, letter the climbers accomplish their mission.

At least 41 foreign climbers and 58 Nepali guides had prepared to make a final attempt on Wednesday while 110 Nepalis and 87 foreigners are scheduled to attempt to climb the Mt Everest on Thursday.

Meanwhile, a Sherpa guide died while fixing ropes for the Lhotse summit today.

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