Paul Bonhomme Sets out to Run the Length of the Alps

Mountain guide Paul Bonhomme has set out to run the length of the entire Alps in 28 days. He will have to cover 2,650km and a total of 150,000 vertical meters.

On Saturday at 4 am, he started from Muggia, Italy. He will cross eight countries before finishing in Monaco.

“This is a childhood dream, a huge childhood dream,” wrote Bonhomme. “This is a monster. This is a dance. These are the [whole] Alps…from the Adriatic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.”

He says this project has been in his head for almost 20 years. Although the climbing is not demanding technically, it will be a huge endurance effort.

Paul Bonhomme.

Paul Bonhomme. Photo: Paul Bonhomme


Three team members, Jean David Laurence, Rosa Okmen, and Christophe Angot will help Bonhomme along the way. He invites supporters to follow his tracker and even join him on sections of the route.

Paul Bonhomme and his team.

Paul Bonhomme, third from left, and his team. Photo: Paul Bonhomme

Kris Annapurna

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