Pesce’s Body To Remain on Cerro Torre

Late last month, an avalanche of ice and stones struck Corrado Pesce of Italy and his partner, Tomas Aguilo of Argentina, on the North Face of Cerro Torre. As we reported earlier, Aguilo was injured but survived; Pesce did not.

According to the Italian media, during a short  weather window in early February, a helicopter tried to retrieve Pesce’s remains. When it flew over the area where a drone had previously spotted him, the body had disappeared. After many passes, they could only find his equipment, the ropes, food, and backpack.

‘Brothers In Arms’, the new route on Cerro Torre that Matteo Della Bordella, Matteo De Zaiacomo, and David Bacci named in remembrance of Pesce. Photo: Matteo Della Bordella


The bad weather has now returned, which will hinder any new attempts. Pesce’s body will remain on Cerro Torre. His sister, Lidia Pesce, told the media: “It’s too dangerous. Korra will not come home. It is agony.”

Corrado Pesce on Cerro Torre. Photo: Matteo Della Bordella