PolarExplorers Shackleton Crossing of South Georgia (Windy and Beautiful)

On November 12, 2015 PolarExplorers, with a team of 11 intrepid adventurers, completed the treacherous traverse of South Georgia Island marking the centennial of Ernest Shackleton’s famous journey.
The team traveled by ski and crampon for four days over the mountain passes and glaciers of the island, enduring winds of over 75mph, deceptive snow/ice conditions, and rain.

Expedition team leader, Annie Aggens described part of the experience as “people were being blown over… you had to dig your ice axe in and hold on just to stay put.” Joining the guide team was friend and world renowned mountain guide, Vern Tejas.

This team includes the oldest person to have completed the expedition, Cincinnati native, Bud Thomas at age 74. The average age of the team was 64. The averages age including the guides was 62. The team traveled to and from South Georgia Island with Oceanwide Expeditions aboard the m/v Plancius.