Porter Missing in Dhaulagiri Avalanche

Heavy snowfall has blanketed Nepal’s mountains since Thursday, with tragic consequences for a porter on Dhaulagiri. An avalanche swept away Amrit Rai on Friday evening.

Rai was not on the mountain, where conditions are still too unstable to venture up, but rather below Base Camp. Rai and two other Seven Summit Treks staff were hit near Japanese Base Camp (3,800m), located nearly 1,000m below regular Dhaulagiri Base Camp.

Arjun Rai and Dhiraj Rai were saved, but rescuers could not find Amrit Rai.

Map of Dhaulagiri area, with the Japanese Base camp and the normal Base Camp marked.

The Dhaulagiri area, with Japanese Base Camp and Base Camp marked. Photo: Magical Nepal


A spokesman from Seven Summit Treks told The Himalayan Times that search efforts are ongoing.

Thirty foreign climbers received Dhaulagiri permits this season. Most are outfitted by Seven Summit Treks.

Angela Benavides

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