Pythom: Faster Growth than Twitter, Reach Beyond FB

Interesting numbers

Nine months after launch in March 2006, well funded Twitter only had a couple thousand users. Nine months after launch (and with almost no funding) Pythom got that number already in private beta and the figures are accelerating.

User generated content growing

Since opening for public viewing on May 10, we’ve seen a monthly increase in users of 600%, in page views of 700% and in total time spent on Pythom from 94 hours to 940 hours – or 1000%.

Currently we have 12,000 users and 50,000 page views each month. Login is still required for publishing and with almost 2000 registered publishers, user generated content is growing.

Reach beyond Facebook

Compared to Facebook, where a user has an average number of around 300-400 friends out of whom less than 30% (or around 100 people) actually see the post: a top story on Pythom gets 3000 – 4000 reads.

Those are actual clicks on a story – views are much higher.

As added bonus the reads are closely related to the community, you reach fellow explorers and related media globally.

One year after the initial 9 moths Twitter had 150,000 people using the service. Let’s see where we end up.

Meanwhile, check previous Pythom people – who are we