Who Are We?

The world’s wildest roll-o-deck

Ever since launch of, the climbing guide based on our own Everest expeditions 1996-1999, we have been adding new resources one by one. Sites for altitude medicine, extreme weather, and adventure statistics. Guides for polar crossings, Pakistan climbing, and ocean voyages on the cheap. Then Explorersweb was set up for news related to the community (check out today’s Everest whistle challenge).

And then we built Pythom. To collect people like us in a renaissance harbor of sorts, a platform made for discovery of new worlds, adventure trade and practical innovations from the extremes.

It’s not your usual social network. We don’t ask what country you’re from; we ask what you have accomplished that you are proud of. We don’t ask your gender; we ask what you would like to learn. We don’t ask your age; we ask what your dreams are.

Facebook got the many. We want the different, the curious, the unique. So who have we become?

Folks you’d bring to a war

Initially the invites were personal so we knew everyone by name. Then people started to register from the wild and we knew only one in five. Then one in ten.

Last week we decided to take a closer look at the community. We expected a loose harvest of family, friends and armchair warriors from Explorersweb.

Instead we found the world’s wildest rollodeck. Really, people unknown even to us listing achievements that are plain incredible.

These are folks you’d bring with you to a war. Or on a Space mission.

Not all have posted their profiles yet but here are random samples from the thousand plus adventurers registered on Pythom right now. All seem up for new challenges, friends and ideas to realize. (We are a friendly bunch too, ready to inspire, never intimidate).


You will find plenty of Everest summiteers, Himalaya climbers, polar skiers and ocean sailors alongside general roamers walking the globe on a dime.

Here goes a random search of the more unusual projects and achievements, in no particular order:

– kopiec krakusa – winter expedition

– Ibiza-Barcelona Ocean Row

– Arabian Desert crossing

– Practical Alpine Parkour & Yeti Wrestling

– Developing a comprehensive code of ethics for global exploration

– Receiving an honorable mention from the General Governor of Canada for the rescue of nine skiers in the Alps in 2014

– Skied solo across Great Slave Lake

– Bicycled from Chile to Alaska passing through The Darien Gap

– Patagonia by horse through Chile and Argentina

– CINE Award winner for reality TV show on Everest

– Viral time lapse video of the Himalayas

– Fastest woman solo and unsupported to the South Pole

– Expedition Yemen By Camel

– Travelling through Siberia with reindeer and sleds

– Most expeditions to the South Pole by anyone ever

– 2nd place ORC European Championship

– Attempt to the unclimbed Gasherbrum VI

– Running the current Belgian scientific expeditions in Queen Maud Land

– 16 first ascents on Antarctica, Greenland and Himalaya

– building a raw TRUTHS book for people in political hot spots

– Snowkite Greenland icecap south to north

– Kitesurfed across the Atlantic ocean

– Multiple national champion snowkiting/kitesurfing

– sailed 6 times around the world

– Bicycled from Norway to South Africa passing through the Sahara Desert

– Bicycled from New Zealand to Cairo traversing Asia

– MetNav for BBC

– Mind reading, Superbowl VIP final tickets

– Cycled and trekked from the lowest point of elevation in Africa to the summit of the highest mountain

– Mt Everest/Mt Aconcagua/Mt Kilimanjaro x 8

– Snowshoed across Yellowstone National Park in winter

– Nanga Parbat – New route/First winter attempt

– Running long distances with my dog in remote areas

– Traversée de Charlevoix 105km

– Joined together with Anatoli Boukreev and friends to ascend Mount Everest followed by 7 of the world’s highest 8000 metre peaks

– First ascents in Antarctica

– Aim to travel around the world via the poles using only carbon-neutral means

– led the Cetaphil Canada Arctic Challenge: Cycled and skied 2,000km from Canada-US border at Emerson (MB) to Rankin Inlet (NU) over 5 months from end-December

– Cycled from 3,600km from São Paulo, Brazil to Buenos Aires, Argentina and then to Santiago, Chile, 1,500km Land’s End –

– John O’Groats winter cycle tour mountain guide at spanish scientific station Juan Carlos I (Livingston Island, South Shetland Archipielago)

– hiking and packrafting traverse south to north (Iceland 2015),

– Porcupine river complete canoe descent (Canada and Alaska 2012),

– Svalbard ski and kites traverse from Longyearbyen to Ny Alesund (Arctic, 2010),

– Campo de hielo patagónico norte crossing north to south

– preparing a Yukon river complete descent

– Exploring the Kolyma River in North-Eastern Siberia

– Crossed the desert(s) of North Africa

– walked from Mogadishu to the Uaso Nyiro in Kenya

– explored the vast desert area(s) of Northern Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia

– Solo ski to the South Pole, Solo trek across the Greenland tundra,

– ice cap to ocean on Arctic Circle trail in winter conditions

– A walk through Maasailand in Eastern Africa, Kenya and Tanzania

– First Canadian to ski solo to the South Pole (unassisted/unsupported)

– 30 years in and out of Africa exploring the last remote tribal and cultural area(s) left on the continent

– Cycled solo Victoria BC to Tijuana Mexico; Vancouver BC to St John’s Newfoundland,

– Bicycle speed record on Road of Bones,

– 1st British female to ski the Poles

– Pakistan exploration

– Electronic music pioneer

– Been responsible for introducing in excess of 100 thousand people to adventure activities, adventure travel and expeditions over the years

– Fifteen 8,000 meter peak expeditions

– First unassisted unsupported ski expedition across Antarctica

– On a quest to reach and climb the 7 summits without using an engine

– Cycled 13.000km from Belgium and tried to climb Mt Everest without supplementary oxygen,

– Emergency medical and surgical services during the massive earthquake of 2005 in Northern Pakistan

– Microadventurist, Mammalian biology and polar areas

– First Canadian Woman to climb both versions of the Seven Summits

– Driving my Harley all around

– Successful navigation of the Amazon River, from source-to-sea

– Led the famous expedition “Payer Weyprecht Memorial Expedition” to Franz Josef Land,

– professional UIAGM mountain – and skiguide, geographer holding a doctoral PhD-degree

– skied 51,000,000 vertical free

– 300 dives and a tri mix diver with deepest depth of 310 ft

– financial writer and analyst

– My mission is to encourage societies to reduce single-use plastic trash….

– I can make you smile when you’re feeling down 🙂

– MTB Tibet and Himalaya

– First ascent of Kapura South

– First ascent of Kartik

– Mainly climbing and skiing in JAPAN

– Skilled Researcher Environmental Activist and serial Internet entrepreneur experienced in software development, mathematical modeling, and consulting in the Weather Forecasting & Climate Change Impact

– Paris Dakar 2005

– Gunung bagging in South East Asia

– Wreck Diving in the Philippines,

– Summited 44 of the Adirondack High Peaks “46er’s”

– Grand Teton (Jackson, WY)

– Building & testing pressurized garments for high-altitude ballooning

– Lead climbing ascents in Zion National Park (UT), New Paltz (NY), and Colorado (Mount Massive

– Camping/rafting trips on the Dumoine River (Canada), the Grand Canyon, the Allagash River (ME), and many others.

– Climbing/trekking through Alaskan wilderness, areas of Northern California, Utah, and Wyoming.

– I’ve tried almost everything at least once.

– Bering Strait Odyssey 2005 in winter and 2010 via kiteboard.

– US Antarctica Search and Rescue Team.

– Ultra Trail, Ironman

– climbing V4 while weighing over 200 lbs :p

– Hardrock Hundred

– Racedriving – Most of the race tracks in eastern U.S.

– Badminton Player

– Denison River, Tasmania

– Dhaulagiri, 2015.

– Spartathlon, Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc

– Shooting-Trap, Skeet, Military rifle, tac.

– Motor racing (competed for three years when younger)

– Skydiving – B-licence – +500 jumps

– Only woman to climb the Mazeno ridge on Nanga Parbat.

– BASE – 4 jumps

– Scuba – Two star CMAS instructor – close to 4000 dives.

– Golf – 24 Handicap – relaxation through infuriation.

– Beardmore glacier manhauling, Alaska (unsupported)

– Building & Sailing precolumbian sailing vessel, 1,000 miles NW South America

– Walked 1000km across Victoria Island in the canadian Arctic

– paddled a dugout canoe down the longest river in PNG from source to sea

– Pretty good juggler

– Metal smith

– caving in Ukraine, Russia, Abhazia

– Solo walk across the Sahara Desert

– Descent of Low’s Gully in Borneo

– Bareknuckle boxing

– Being far out there, but never far from a good cup of coffee.

– Avid hunter and generally resident tall person.

– Figure Skating

– top of serra da estrela in portugal

– Working 🙁

– Ice Diving

– 1st woman to climb Everest from both sides.

– playing rugby for 13 years (hey it’s outside, right?)

– Second Indian to climb Mt. Manaslu

– 8 World Records including solo non-stop around the world in the crowd funded PixelBoat. – Paddled the Mekong

– Solo Paddling Geiranger

– surviving four days without water, food and equipment in the winter of Lake Mistassini

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