Rakaposhi: Sajid Sadpara Joins Rescue Effort

Another day has dawned on the slopes of Rakaposhi and rescue helicopters are back in the air. One helicopter carries Sajid Sadpara, fresh from K2. Meanwhile, a second helicopter has roared up the southwest ridge and managed to drop food, water, and ropes for the three climbers trapped in Camp 3 at 6,900m.

The climbers have already survived three nights on the mountain. However, they are unable to descend under their own power.

Sajid Sadpara is on his way to Gilgit to join the rescue. Photo: Sajid Sadpara/Karrar Haidri


Local climber Karim Shah Nizari reports that stranded Pakistani climber Wajidullah Nagri seems to be doing well, but the two Czech climbers, Jakub Vlcek and Peter Macek, are unable to move down. The climbers’ satellite phone is still working and they are communicating with the rescue team.

Sajid Sadpara will join the rescuers sometime this morning. Ali Raza Sadpara and Ali Musa Sadpara have also volunteered to help, Karrar Haidri told ExplorersWeb.

French Climbers Offer Their Help

Though strong climbers, the rescuers are unfamiliar with Rakaposhi. Therefore, ExplorersWeb has put Rakaposhi summiters Helias Millerioux and Patrick Wagnon in contact with the rescue team.

Millerioux has offered to share photos, GPS waypoints, and most importantly, they can suggest potential spots for a chopper to drop off the rescuers.

“It is essential for the stranded climbers to go down as soon as they can and lose height,” Millerioux said. “The area below them is quite steep but needs no rappeling. They should really try to get back to 6,300m.

He added: “The rescue team must keep in mind that they need to be able to climb up but must also be able to return if they cannot be picked up by a helicopter.”

Helias Millerioux and Patrick Wagnon on the summit of Rakaposhi. Photo: Helias Millerioux