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Number one. You have an obsession with traveling. You believe that traveling is more valuable and will teach you more than any job ever will. Every free weekend you would rather be going somewhere doing your favorite activity than just sitting at home on the couch. Relaxing? What is that?

Number two. You thoroughly enjoy the adventure of moving from place to place and you love the idea of moving elsewhere. You find it exciting, rather than stressful. You feed off of the idea of “starting new” again, with new places to explore and new rocks to climb.

Number three. Your job revolves around being able to state-hop. You live in a van because it allows you and your significant other the freedom to pick up and go whenever you please. The idea of not settling down is exciting, however, you do have thoughts that one day you would like to settle down, you just aren’t sure where. So that’s where moving comes into play, so you can figure out where you want to settle down one day. When you try to come up with ideas how to work online (from a van) AND make money from it, you know you are feening for the gypsy life.

Number four. All of your friends are getting married and having babies. You’re married, but you’re wondering when in the world will you and your husband ever find the time to have a baby if you love living on the road. You would rather be exploring different areas and finding the next boulder to project or route to crush. Will you bring a baby on the road or to the crag? Absolutely. One day. I will teach my child to climb by the age of two!

Number five. You can’t stay in one place for much longer than a year. It’s time to try something new……..again! You’re ready for new scenery, new rocks, new mountains to climb, new people, new job, different culture, new sunsets, new adventures with your loved one. New everything. It’s just time. You start researching new climbing areas and dreaming of living near them. Just the thought of moving again, gives you butterflies and gets that inner fire going.

Number six. Your dog has been to more states than the average human. What?! You want your dog to have a great life and see the world, too! …….Enough said.

Number seven. When someone else mentions they are moving out of state, you get super jealous, and start daydreaming about moving, too. You can’t help how you’re designed.

Number eight. People in your life, mainly family, don’t understand why you are skipping town again. If they don’t understand now, they will never understand. They grew up knowing one area and staying there forever. So why not be different and see everywhere! You need a change. You want to explore while you are young. Well, what about your future, they say? Once again, you believe that travel and moving will teach you everything you need to know, whether it’s different cultures, different ways of life. When you’re 80, you’ll remember the adventures you had, rather than the work you did at your desk everyday. You’ll have stories to share with your children, and maybe even grandchildren. You’ll be making memories with your husband.

Number nine. When people ask you where you’re from, you’re reply is a paragraph long. Well, we were living in [insert city], but now we are in [insert city], but we originally grew up in [insert city]. You try to explain to people you wanted to try this place out before settling down somewhere.

Number ten. You realize that your life is pretty damn awesome. You get to see places that no one else will ever see. You get to mingle with more cultures than you can count. You get to live by every hot crag that you dreamt about. Your dog has the best life a dog could ever have. No weekend is ever boring. You have enough guidebooks to fill a small library. Your car is messy from living in it the prior weekend. You’ve become an expert at making meals over the Jetboil. You have enough puffy coats to last you two lifetimes. You have a list of projects you want to send. You have friends in a variety of states. You have enough pictures to fill up a computer hard drive. You think about it… and you’re ready to explore again.