Idiot’s guide to Facts: Russian Filter to get Truth out of News

The Idiot’s guide to Facts

Years ago, in New York city, we grabbed lunch with a publisher of a distinguished climbing magazine. Naming a number of other climbing and adventure-related news sources, he said “we have decided on a consensus regarding [so and so] where do you stand on the issue?”

That was the first – and last – time we got the offer to join the secret adventure media club.

Following mainstream media this election year, if they represent the society they serve, it’s weird 99% of Americans didn’t vote anti-Trump. Another such discrepancy was displayed in UK not long ago, with the Brexit vote results.

The answer can only be news outlets don’t represent readers at all, actually skewing what’s really going on in the world. Also known as bias.

Could we be fed “a consensus” directed by special interests and an elite trying to impose their thinking on us?

People living in dictatorships have found their own way to skirt manipulation. So how do you find truth while staying informed these days? Learn from the pros and apply a Russian filter.


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