Spanish Team Head To 7,338m Saraghrar In Hindu Kush

It is turning into an interesting season in Pakistan for small, alpine-style teams.

Hussain Ahmed, the managing director of Terichmir Travel in Chitral, has told ExplorersWeb that a Spanish team is heading to the difficult 7,338m Saraghrar in the Hindu Kush. Saraghrar is part of the fourth-highest massif in the 800km-long range.

Four excellent alpinists make up the team: Bru Busom, Marc Toralles, Oriol Baro, and Guillem Sancho. We don’t yet know their projected route, but the team’s experience and skills suggest that their Saraghrar effort will be an ambitious one.

The climbers are on their way today from Islamabad to Chitral and should reach their base camp the day after tomorrow.

Oriol Baro (above), Marc Toralles (left in front), Bru Busom, (behind) and Guillem Sancho.

Oriol Baro, top, Marc Toralles, below far left, Bru Busom, behind, and Guillem Sancho, right. Photos by the alpinists


Terichmir Travel is supplying logistics. The company also outfitted the 2021 Georgian Saraghrar expedition, when Archil Badriashvili, Giorgi Tepnadze, and Bakar Galashvili made the first ascent of Saraghrar Northwest. They won Piolet d’Or in 2022 for that alpine-style effort.

Thanks to Karim Shah Nizari for putting us in touch with Ahmed.

Kris Annapurna

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