Shimshal: Poles Climb Virgin 6,000’er

Already in their first week, Janusz Golab, Adam Bielecki, and “the kids” (Maziej Kimel, Wadim Jablonski, and Michal Czech) have summited a previously unclimbed peak in the Shimshal.

Qtang Sar (their name) rises to 6,047m and is approachable from an Advanced Base Camp of 5,300m.

After a couple of days of rest, the now-acclimatized Poles will divide into two teams and head for their main goals: Gunj-e Sar West (6,150m) and Trento Peak. According to the Polish Mountaineering Association, Trento features 1,500m walls rising from the glacier.

Gunj-e-Sar. Photo: Andrzej Makaran