Polish Pair Targets No-O2 Ski Descents of Annapurna & Dhaulagiri

Skier Bartek Ziemski and cameraman Oswald Rodrigo Pereria of Poland are en route to Nepal, where they will attempt one of the most interesting projects of the season.

The pair will climb Annapurna and Dhaulagiri with no supplementary oxygen or personal Sherpa support. Once on top, Pereira will film Ziemski skiing down both peaks.

Expedition banner, with pictures of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri.

Expedition banner.


Bartek Ziemski belongs to the new generation of Polish mountaineers. A member of the Polish Mountaineering National Team, he attempted Leila Peak in 2021. But his best season was last summer: He climbed both Broad Peak and Gasherbrum II within a week and skied down from both summits.

“Skiing 8,000’ers is something you train for all your life,” Ziemski told Michal Rodak in an interview with RMF24. He says that he was also inspired by the achievements of Andrzej Bargiel.

Bartek on a sunny summit day, with vintage-looking sunglasses and red helmet.

Bartek Ziemski on the summit of Broad Peak summit last summer. Photo: Polski Himalaizm Sportowy


Helped during the Broad Peak fiasco

Pereira climbed and filmed on the famous winter K2 expedition of 2020-21. In the summer of 2021, he was one of only three climbers who summited Broad Peak (along with Nils Jespers and Hugo Ayaviri, all without O2).

At that time, he escaped a disastrous situation on the upper slopes of the mountain. Several climbers became stranded while descending from their summit push. Pereira helped down Nastya Runova of Russia, but South Korean climber Kim Hong-Bin ultimately perished.

In the winter of 2021-22, he attempted Manaslu. Soon after returning home, Ukraine was invaded, and he spent most of his time carrying goods across the Polish-Ukrainian border. Check the complete ExplorersWeb interview with Oswald here, and a video of his arrival at the summit of Broad Peak below.

In the interview with RMF24, Pereira admitted that neither of them have been on Annapurna or Dhaulagiri before. They expect to deal mainly with the avalanche risk on Annapurna, and technical difficulties on Dhaulagiri.

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