Solar Impulse: Unpredictability and Change

Expedition Dispatch in Focus

The plane flying around the world on solar power only, has challenges more than means of power. Co-pilot, André Broschberg tells about their latest challenge, to unpredictably change route and to find a new suitable airport.

He says in their latest update streaming in Pythom’s Expedition Dispatches, “When you work for a project like Solar Impulse, it’s important to enjoy the unpredictable. Because you will get a lot of it!”

This could very much apply to any expedition, be it in the mountains, on the ice fields, in the deserts, on the oceans, into space, wherever.

Broschberg continues, “Exploration endeavors, which try to build something revolutionary, are a constant challenge. Whatever you plan, and you need a plan to organize all the team activities, will have to be changed and adapted. That’s why I refuse to let the team become complacent and am always pushing them to expand their known territory and flexibility. We need to develop a culture where change is welcomed and appreciated. That’s how we enhance our team performance and are able to push further the limits we set ourselves. It has to be done step by step to maintain the risk at an acceptable level, but we constantly need to question our assumptions to make progress.”

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